What’s in mandala ?

The most common line i have heard whenever i make a mandala ” are ye mehndi ka design kyu bana rahi hai ” … And all i left is with my uncontrollable silent laugh . I am like dude try it once you will be addicted .

Mandala is the one of the best way of getting control on your mind ( atleast for me) . I don’t know about others why do they make mandala . I do to control my mind ,to focus it , to distract from negative vibes. Mandala just gives a positive vibe through it , the vibe of uniqueness , the vibe of togetherness , the vibe of concentration .

In whole mandala is just a way ( positive one ) to get you off from all negative vibes , stress going on in your mind for once .

#mandala #mandalalove #positivity

Secret mantra for why’s…

There is just a simple step to ignore society’s list of why’s

Smile ,” bas aise hi ” and ignore

This mantra is the only way to stop complicating yourself because of society. (P.s. i used this mantra at every stage )

I did whatever i felt was good for me .. at every stage i found that society create a list of why’s to distract you or make you feel belittle . But gradually i found this simple trick ( that is successful too ) . Yeah i have taken wrong decisions too but those werw

“mine decision for my life ,

the society didn’t have right to question my decision “

this line just made me keep going .

Just remember , no one is going to be with you if you are not confident for your own decision . Even if you think that you have taken any wrong decision even then find just one positive point and start shifting to right one’s.

My mystified twenty one…

My title is enough for you to recognise that my life till now is just a mystery one …but interestingly , it was mystery to people around me and not to me . For me every stage was just a level towards my goal .

I started my life career in the field of commerce and now here i am pursuing fashion designing. Doing bachelor’s once again . Earlier when i opted for b.com (hons) everyone told me you can support your mum in her fashion boutique . Then when they get to know that i have also been pursuing CA along with it . Everytime they meet me there were just a list of why’s infront of me . “Why regular college with CA”

“why CA ” why this why that and all…

And i had only one thing to do … Just smile and ignore all these questions 😂 ( p.s. i still to do the same thing ) . I left CA midway because i was not able to clear it . Then nearly at the end of my bachelor’s i told my family that i want to pursue my career as a fashion designer not as an accountant. Firstly they denied but then they agreed . Now here i am pursuing my dream career “fashion designing” but wooofffff , society again made a list of why’s

Why again bachelor’s

Why not diploma

Why why why

But all i have was confidence in me and my decisions to shut their mouth.

I don’t know what will happen in future neither i am scared . I am just happy to do what i like and proud of me for not complicating my decision because of society’s list of why’s.

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